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Abbas Al HumaidAbbas Al Humaid

“My mission is to help diverse people and organisations all over the world better understand themselves and unlock their potential value.”

Abbas Al-Humaid

"We have nothing except to praise the explicit effort exerted in this publication (Islamic Strategy). It finds solutions for each problem it addresses and sets out a plan for every purpose it targets. This practical strategy undoubtedly contributes to paths of the renaissance of the nation and the advancement of humanity.”

H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammad AssalmiMinister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Oman
Islamic scholar

“He showed great tenacity in his work and demonstrated a strong ability to complete assignments successfully. He is very capable, thoughtful and considered person. His capacity for hard work and ability to grasp new concepts are outstanding. On personal note, o am strongly impressed by the way he conducts himself. He is always courteous and polite. He possesses natural leadership quality.”

H.E. Dr. Fuad Jafar Al SajwaniMinister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Oman
Islamic scholar

Abbas Al Humaid is a researcher and a creative writer. He sailed in the realms of innovation and epistemological creation. He is not just an expert in the management, financial, and auditing consults and leadership of enterprises and strategies, he is also well versed in the Arabic and Islamic culture. He led serious attempts to formulate a renaissance for the Arabic and Islamic world.

Dr. Yahya Abu ZakariaArabic journalist
Islamic scholar

Abbas Al-Humaid fully shares our values and demonstrates the commitment to excellence and professionalism that we seek in our partners.

Loïc WallaertAdviser to the Mazars Group Executive Board
Islamic scholar

“I read the book (Introduction to Shi’a Islam) and it delighted me with its precise and concise content.”

Dr. Mohammed Saleem al Awa
Islamic scholar

“Few people in the nation have the ability to think like you do”

Dr. Tareq al Suwaidan

Abbas Aal Humaid enjoys a diverse and encyclopedic mentality and culture. He proved capable in establishing the Islamic concepts and presenting them with solid and robust foundations. His literate faculties and his sense of beauty helped him formulate the religious thought paradigm in a smooth and fluent statement that combines strength and clarity. That is hardly surprising from someone who enjoys a smooth capability of writing and expression.

Sayyed Mounir El-Khabaz

“Abbas has a unique blend of entrepreneurial instinct and capability, combined with "blue chip" consulting skills and experience. Abbas approaches all his projects with great energy and enthusiasm, utilising his extensive network to the full to achieve business success.”

Richard LobleyVice President, Strategy, Projects and Controls

“Abbas has been the driving force introducing accredited professional management programmes throughout the Gulf region. He has a high intellectual capability bringing experience and structure along with the gravitas needed to lead the organisation. He is strategically orientated and his personality could be described as: Eager, Forward Thinking, Organized, and Compassionate. Abbas is strategically orientated, demonstrates masterful knowledge and possess diverse management skills to achieve positive results for the organisation.”


Marjorie GardyneCIPD, CMC, FIBC, FCMI, CMGR, Independent Management Consultant

“I have known Abbas now for 3 years. He is very business focused and always acts in a very professional manner. He can be relied upon to deliver high quality, accredited management programmes for his clients.”

Adrian Frenchex-Business Development Manager, Chartered Management Institute, UK

Abbas has acquired a considerable educational background which provides him with the necessary academic and theoretical knowledge of strategic management to be authoritative in his views. He is well versed in the theory of strategy and strategy formulation – working in a large corporate organization has provided him with the knowledge and experience to work effectively in such environments. He is also creative and has written on the subject of strategy and the need for better strategic thinking across the corporate world.

Dr Nick CliffordPhD, MBA, MCMI, FRSA Senior Fellow, Manchester Business School

“The Institute has also awarded Mr. Abbas Ali Mahmood a fellowship of the institute of Management Consultancy, UK (FIMC). FIMC is the highest level of professional membership, and is awarded to those who can demonstrate evidence of a significant contribution to the management consultancy profession.”

Lynda Purserex-Director Institute of Management Consultancy, UK

“Abbas Al Humaid has collaborated extensively with “Inma Property Development LLC”. Abbas is very detail oriented and helped us to establish our market position, our core goal system and the core competencies required to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. We are thankful to Abbas for his leadership qualities and his attention to details which were instrumental in helping the team to focus. We wholeheartedly give Abbas our recommendation as a person who is a problem solver and has added great value to our organization.”

Jose L Loraex-CEO, Inma Property Development LLC

The book comprehensively describes the current position of the Islamic nation in terms of strengths and weaknesses and the future called for by the strategy to achieve the highest goals for the benefit of all mankind.

Ambassador Dr. Musa Jaafar HassanPresident of the 33rd session of the General Conference, UNESCO

This book, unique in the way it presents the Islamic Strategy, aims to illustrate the way for the Islamic Nation to rise with the Islamic thought at times of globalization. We appreciate your efforts in this precious project for the good of the Islamic civilization.

H.E. Hamid Mohammed al Qatami Ex-minister of Education, UAE

Undoubtedly, it contributes to the enrichment of the discussion about the best alternatives and policies to be followed by Islamic Countries to achieve its strategic objectives and vital resources... The author is a valuable contributor to the Arabic Library because of his subject, content and methodology.

Professor Jamal Sanad Al- Suwaidi Director General,The Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), United Arab Emirates

It is my pleasure to express my appreciation for such a scientific effort you have made in authoring this book and setting up this strategy by which you contribute to the development of the Muslim Nation.

Dr. Abdulaziz Othman AltwaijriDirector General of the ISESCO Secretary General of the FUIW

It detected most of the Islamic World’s problems and sets out goals of a working plan aimed at studying these problems and solving them…. I praise your valuable attempts and hope you succeed in your project which will need a great scientific effort to be achieved.

Professor Naguib Algeiaty Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Morocco

Two important matters are what attracted our attention in your (distinguished) research: 1.Transform “strategic planning” concept from a narrow domain to the concept of establishments management and from a middle domain to the most wide and deep domain, the whole Islamic World… 2.The importance of working on a useful idea you rose: “The importance of developing an interactive social website for the purpose of achieving interconnection and coordination among different parties…

Dr. Khairuddin Haseeb Director General, Centre for Arab Unity Studies, Lebanon

It implies a deepened awareness of high level goals and target points. If we adopt and try to implement such a plan, it will undoubtedly create deepened awareness in our organizations and Muslim Nations of the methodology of civilization development. It will also lead Islamic status-quo to become a model for the Islamic World and to get out from under accumulated historical backwardness.

Najaf Ali Mirzaee Ex-Chairperson, Centre of Civilization for Islamic Development, Iran
Logo alhumaid abbas

This book represents a bold attempt characterized by two qualities: An overview which addresses the issues of the Muslim nation to bring them together, search for prospects that unify its vision and launch its unified development. The second quality is an attempt by the author to invest his rich experience in the preparation of this book. His experience includes organizations leadership, preparation of strategies, financial and operational risks, and development processes leadership.

Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, Qatar

This book is indeed good and well written. Modern methods of discourse and palatable expression of ideas.

Shaikh Ali al Dihneenreligious scholar

“The scholar Abbas Al-Humaid attempts to provide a focused vision for a well-developed awareness of the religion among future generations. It connects them with the components of the religious system, allowing them to form a vocabulary to talk about religious issues in an interconnected way in the context of the various layers of Islam. This, it is widely believed, is what is sorely needed to enable believers to understand religion as an integrated entity, without dividing it into its component parts and separating them from the context of the Islamic system."

Shaikh Haider HoballahIslamic thinker

We therefore recommend that the book should be viewed as a synthesis of Islamic unity and a pillar of the link between the components of the Islamic nation. It is not exaggerating to say that the introduction of such a book into curricula of the educational institutions of the Islamic world will be a lifeline for the students

Nasser Abu AounJournalist & Arabic Writer

"The Journey of a Toiler is a unique book, from a writer who dared to ask strong and fundemental questions about God's and our existence, and answered them through a series of challenges he lived and encountered which influences readers' awareness and consciousness ."

Dr. Kifah Fayyadh Personal Development Advisor
Islamic scholar

“A high quality, distinguished work. What particularly sets it apart is that it considers the Islamic dimension and the divine curriculum that Allah was seeking to establish by sending the Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUHF). The theses presented in this book—which are of great importance in this time and place—offer a rare chance for people to perceive and understand this curriculum.”

Sheikh Khalid Al-MalaHead of the Iraqi Scholars Group
Islamic scholar

“I read the book and found it to be a call to unite the Islamic nation and to develop mankind.”

Sheikh Badr bin Salem bin Hamdan Al-Abrireligious scholar
Islamic scholar

“A successful venture. The wording is elegant, the goal of the curriculum is clear and worthy, and the style is highly compatible with its specific goal. I ask God to facilitate this curriculum so that this generation of Muslims may develop awareness of their identity and their position in civilization."

I hope that this book will help create an awareness of religion that places it in its systemic context, while at the same time raising our level of thinking in dealing with religious issues, in an age when humanity needs faith and morals more than ever before."

Sheikh Shaqiq JaradiDirector of the Institute of Al Maarif Al Hekamiiah (for religious and philosophical studies)
Islamic scholar

“I read Abbas Al-Humaid’s “The Islamic Intellectual Framework” closely and with deep reflection and found it more than adequate for the purpose for which it was developed: as a method of foundational religious teaching. Indeed, it represents a wonderful response to the need of the religious arena for the existence of curricula that advance religious thought as a coherent and integrated system, in clear academic language and an attractive contemporary style.

Among the advantages of this worthy approach are its presentation of visions and ideas inspired by the verses of the Holy Quran—aimed at strengthening the Quranic culture and attesting to its origins—and citations of the hadiths and narrations of the Messenger of Allah (PBUHF), the imams, and the words of scholars and thinkers. The evaluation questions at the end of each topic have been carefully chosen to help students understand the ideas and develop their capacity for analysis and discussion.”

Sheikh Hassan Moussa Al-Safarreligious scholar
Islamic scholar

“I found it systematically structured, almost contract-like in the arrangements of its ideas. It shed light on various issues through the verses and narrations it cited and the argumentation it derived from them.”

Sheikh Abd Al-Karim Al-Haerireligious scholar


``Oman Daily Observer, a widely respected broadsheet and one of the oldest newspapers in Oman, has issued on the occasion of the “48th Glorious Renaissance Day” a special book called ``A tribute to the lasting legacy of His Majesty the Sultan``. It will be distributed to all business decision makers in Oman.

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