Introduction to Shi'a Islam

The Islamic vision of Life

“I read the book and it delighted me with its precise and concise content.”

Dr. Mohammed Saleem al Awa



I believe that we all have intriguing views of life – views that must be honored and that we must be happy to share with the world around us.

It is for this reason that I produced this booklet, which serves as an introduction to Shi’a Muslims and what I understand of their view of the Islamic vision of life and human society. I have produced it in accordance with the teachings of their Imams and the contemporary writings of their prominent and renowned scholars, which Shi’a Muslims abide by in their practices and traditions.

“A great book that highlighted the essential unity of Islam with the school of the Shia Muslims.”
Sayed/ Muneer al Khabbaz

“This book, by Abbas Al Humaid is a step in the path of mutual understanding.”
Shaikh/ Haider Hoballah

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