The Islamic Intellectual Framework

by Abbas Al Humaid

This curclium (together with the accompanying teacher’s guide) seeks to present the Islamic intellectual framwork in a coherent and integrated way through analytical discussion, in a contemporary style and language in order to enable students to critically think in the globalised concepts and culture that we receive via all the midea channels and tools that are widely spread nowadays against the Islamic perspective, and enables them to establish thier religious knowledge on a solid and coherent base.

The purpose of the curclium is to avoid (to the extent possible) the sectarian peculiarities. Hence, It does not cover Islamic jurisprudence or historical Islamic topics. It also does not address many Islamic intellectual topics that are outside the curclium’s objectives.

This curriculum has been designed to be taught in a approximately 30 hours of classroom time, either independently or within the general religious curriculum adopted by different institutions and organisations.

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