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Are you willing to make a fortune out of the Gig economy? If so, follow the steps below:

  1. Register as a freelancer in one of the online international platforms (not Arabic or local). I personally recommend you start with However, if you cannot speak English at all, you can try out one of the Arabic platforms available and that has its own market space:
  2. Search on the platform for services that you are willing to offer as a freelancer, and which of course match your skills. You must keep in mind that such platforms offer a wide range of job opportunities from different fields and different levels (beginner to professional). Don’t worry about not having a high degree, you can still register as a high school student (or equivalent) and offer your services.
  3. Complete your personal and professional profile on the platform. Remember, that your key to attracting employers and clients is the professionality of your profile and your fee per hour.
  4. Search on online training platforms, such as or , for training programs, in order to develop your skills in your preferred field and become qualified in the virtual workplace. Most of training programs available last for a very short period of time (not more than one month) and are very affordable (a few tens riyals). However, if you are not willing to pay then just search for equivalent platforms and suitable programs, and it is possible that you will find a program even at less than 4 riyals. And if you are not willing to pay this amount, then all you have to do is search on google or YouTube for free courses.
  5. If you are not an English speaker, then just search for Arabic platforms offering opportunities suitable for your knowledge and skills. It is important to mention that the University of Hamdan Ben – Mohammad offers professional training programs in Arabic.
  6. While you train and develop your skills in your preferred field (during one month for example), get used to the platform that you chose, and search for your competitors’ profiles, and accordingly set your fee per hour.
  7. Begin by offering your services, but make sure to offer a discounted price on your initial fee, in order to attract more clients. Make sure to always be nice, friendly, reply fast, and always deliver the best you can, for your will to work and be your best is directly connected to all of these factors.
  8. When your working hours are increased, and you build a wide experience on the platform, you will get more and more job offers, thus, you will be able to increase your fee per hour, and later on maybe even develop your own agency.


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