The Journey of a Toiler


Abbas Al Humaid demonstrates his intellectual and cultural understanding by giving the Islamic concepts a firm foundation. He clarifies the Islamic intellectual system using beautiful images of life in all its bitter sweetness and shows that Islam shapes and directs the whole human journey.

Sayyed Munir Al-Khabbaz, a famous Islamic Scholar



The journey of a Toiler” is a novel that talks about a poor orphaned young man, with difficult circumstances that did not allow him to attend university studies, and as a result he struggles with all his efforts to achieve success, benefiting from some professional career planning techniques, and from Islamic concepts to develop himself and his capabilities, thus, life faces him with all its force and complexities, as if life challenges him intentionally.

“It is worthy of reading, and deserves to be transformed into a curriculum”.
Dr. Yahya Abu Zakaria, an Arabic journalist

“Presented his intellectual ability and comprehensive cultural competence in grounding the Islamic concepts and conducting them with solid and firm foundations”
Sayyed/ Muneer al Khabbaz, an Islamic Scholar

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