The Journey of a Toiler (novel)

by Abbas Al Humaid

“The Journey of a Toiler” is a unique book of the kind. The writer dared to ask strong and bold questions about the existence of Man and the creator. He answered them through a series of events he went through and hence, these pages came from the depth of the heart and go directly right to the heart of the reader. It makes the reader insightful and thoughtful from various angles. What characterizes the book is the realism of the events and places. The novel goes in a smooth pace and easy language as if you are listing to it face to face. The Spiral Life is an important addition to the bookshelf in the era of information explosion. It removes you from your reality to another bigger and deeper reality.”

Dr. Kifah FayyadhPersonal Development Advisor


PDF, MOBI, and ePub – for Kindle and any smart phone including iPhone, Android, and Windows phone


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