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Together, with our guide Abbas, we will learn more about the essential aspects of business, especially then business aspects in the Islamic world. We will look at Islamic banking and how it differs from the traditional one, the importance of social media and the stability of competitive advantage. How to tackle foreign markets? And how to keep your business afloat even in the gig economy? 
Discover our three video mini-series: The Islamic Intellectual Framework, Strategise Your Business, and The Management Challenges in the Knowledge Economy.
There you will enhance your knowledge of the business challenges of today, you’ll witness market development and start digging deeper into business ethics and its differences among countries.
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The Islamic Intellectual Framework

These videos present the divine Islamic concepts, values and techniques that, when practiced and realized, can help us live happily and safely both in this life and the afterlife

Strategize Your Business

Survival is not guaranteed, but the chances are improved for those businesses that modify their strategies and business models to jump the growth gap. We at Mazars Oman can help.

Management Challenges in the Knowledge Economy

The global economy is evolving rapidly and dramatically, shaking and disrupting many long-held assumptions and practices, changing continuously and radically the competitive landscape and the rules of the game. Survival is not guaranteed, but the chances are improved for those businesses that recognize the scale of the change required.

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