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The global economy is evolving rapidly and dramatically, shaking and disrupting many long-held assumptions and practices. Global and digital practices are changing where and how businesses operate.
The release in dominance of the gig economy creates both huge risks and opportunities for existing traditional organizations and rapid changes in technology have changed the pace of business.
The aftermath of this transformation will reveal a radically different competitive landscape. It will comprehensively change the rules of the game. Survival is not guaranteed but the chances are improved for those businesses that recognize the scale of the change required and modify their strategies and business models to jump the growth gap.
We at Mazars Oman can help you better understand your business, manage the change and modify strategically and operationally as needed.
We at Mazars Oman can help you to identify your strategic destination, analyze your business, conducting the right combination of the following tools: situational analysis (the 5Cs), SWOT analysis, stakeholder analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, value chain analysis, scenario analysis and BCG matrix analysis, develop execute and implement your strategic plans, define your value proposition statement, identify your business model using 9 building blocks methodology, design your investment pitch deck develop your detailed business plan, develop business specific strategies in marketing, human resources strategy, IT and communications and provide you with the needed management consultancy services that define specific optimal day-to-day operational actions the organization needs to take to reach its strategic goals and objectives.
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Without knowing where you’re headed, no action you take has value. You’re probably going to reach a destination that you never intended. We at mazars oman help to better understand your business and your target destination, identifying a strategic destination includes vision statement, what keeps the organization moving forward, what do we want to be or what will it look like when the mission has been fulfilled.
Mission statement, why do we exist or what business we need to do to achieve the vision. Value statement, the principles or core assumptions that influence corporate actions and mould the organization’s culture, focus areas, provide extra degree of clarification on the best ways to achieve your mission. Having made a choice of strategic direction, it’s important to clarify this in a way that can be both communicated, understood and ultimately measurable for evaluation purposes.
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The next step after identifying a strategic destination is to analyze internal and external forces and scenarios to provide suggestions for business goals and direction. We work in a fast-changing environment.
This has never been clearer than it is now, each day brings another twist and turn in the state of the global economy. It can often be hard to rise above the parapet to look outside of our organization at what’s changing and to keep the focus on the future to consider what may be different. But organizations that can do this well are more successful and achieve more for their partners and stakeholders.
This is why we need to conduct a strategic analysis, examples, analytical tools include situation analysis 5 c’s shows a breakdown of business operations by category; swot analysis determines where your business is strong and when improvements could be made; stakeholder analysis provides a method to assess impact; Porter’s five forces analysis compares the business to industry standards; value chain analysis shows which internal business practices are most valuable;  scenario analysis details the outcome of future possibilities through strategic analysis; bcg matrix analysis determines future growth possibilities.
We at mazars oman to provide these strategic analyses on the heart of your business to prioritize growth.
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The next step after the strategic analysis is developing a strategic plan, providing a course of action to achieve the organization’s visions and goals.
The strategic plan begins with the end results in mind. By defining the strategic goals and objectives, the organization will be able to follow the plan to reach the strategic destination, think of it like an action planner for your business’s future success.
Ideally, the strategic plan should contain a mission, core values, goals and objectives, the programs and activities needed to attain them and the assignment of responsibilities for implementation. Busy? Or don’t have the right resources to develop your strategic plan?
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A strategic plan is essential to the success of any organization. But how its implemented will determine the success of the organization.
Strategy implementation involves allocation of sufficient resources, financial personnel, time computer and other systems support, establishing a chain of command or some alternative structure such as across functional teams, assigning responsibilities for specific tasks or processes to specific individuals or groups, managing the process including monitoring results, comparing two relevant benchmarks and best practice, evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of the process, controlling variances and making adjustments as necessary, integration or conversion from legacy systems and processes, acquiring the requisite resources, developing new processes, training process, testing documentation.
Implementing a strategic plan is not a static process, a constant monitoring and reviewing needs take place to deal with any barriers or obstacles.
Having difficulty implementing your strategic plan?
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Creating Value Proposition is the part of the Business Strategy when the strategy is based on the differentiated customer value proposition. value proposition is the thing that determines wheather people will stop to learn more about your products or service upon the other options. It is also the main thing you need to test, if you get it right, it will be a huge pulse.
Value proposition is the promised value to be delivered. It is primary reason a prospect should buy from you. In a nutshell, value proposition is a clear statement that explains why product or service helps/solves customer problems or improve their situation, relevances, deliver specific benefits to defined values.
Why they should buy from you and not from the competition. You need differentiations. You have to present your value proposition as the first thing to customer/ client to see. Then it must be so strong and they are so interested to take next steps in relationship with you.
Need to create value proposition? No worries. We at Mazars Oman can help you.
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A clear business model is crucial to the success of any business. It’s also the foundation of optimizing innovative technology, a must in today’s competitive global marketplace. A business model is a company’s plan for how it will generate revenues and make a profit.
It describes the value an organization offers to various customers and portrays the capabilities and partners required for creating marketing and delivering this value and relationship capital with the goal of generating profitable and sustainable revenue streams.
The business model is like a blueprint for a strategy to be implemented through organizational structures, processes and systems. The dramatic and rapid changes in the business environment and the rules of the game make many existing business models invalid, although the business might have great potential.
For developing the business model, we at mazars oman use nine building blocks methodology. It’s a global standard used by millions of people in companies of all sizes to describe, design, challenge and pivot your business model.
It works in conjunction with value proposition and other strategic management and execution tools and processes. We at mazars oman can help you develop your business model using nine building blocks methodology.
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A feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of a project accounting for factors that affect it such as economic, technological, legal and schilling factors. A feasibility study tests the possibility of an idea a project or even a new business.
The goal of a feasibility study is to place emphasis on potential problems that could occur if a project is pursued and determined if after all significant factors are considered, the project should be pursued.
Feasibility studies also allow business to address where and how it will operate, potential obstacles, competition and the funding needed to get the business up and running. There are several components of a feasibility study: description and layout of the business, the products and/or services to be offered and how they will be delivered.
Market feasibility describes the industry, the current and future market potential, competition, sales estimations and prospective buyers. Technical feasibility lays out details on how a good or service will be delivered, which includes: transportation, business location, technology needed, materials and labor.
Financial feasibility is a projection of the amount of funding or startup capital needed, what sources of capital can and will be used and what kind of return can be expected on the investment. Organizational feasibility is a definition of the corporate and legal structure of the business.
This may include information about the founders, their professional background and the skills they possess necessary to get the company off the ground and keep it operational.
We at the MAZAR OMAN can help you to develop your fesibility study. For more details, please visit us at , or contact us at and we look forward to being of service.

After conducting the feasibility study you need to do a business plan. The business plan is developed after the business opportunity is created.

The business plan describes the nature of the business and includes components such as competitive analysis, sales and marketing strategy, the organizational team, operational strategy, projected financial statements, product or service description and growth plan. A business plan is a roadmap that provides direction, so a business can design its future and avoid bumps in the road.

The time you spend making your business plan thorough and accurate and keeping it up to date is an investment that pays big dividends in the long term. Generally, a business plan works as a tool for management for communication to respective stakeholders and a measurement tool for a lender partner or investor.

We at MAZAR OMAN can help to develop for you a business plan. For more details, please visit us at , or contact us at and we look forward to being of service.

The pitch deck is the first communication tool to help you raise money with a potential investor. It can help the investor to determine whether to continue evaluating your business opportunity.
A pitch deck is usually a 10 to 20 slide presentation designed to give a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision.
Pitch decks can serve different purposes, from trying to get a face-to-face or online meeting with potential investors, customers, partners and co-founders, to presenting in front of a stage and each one of them should follow a different structure.
A demo day presentation, for example, should be very visual and contain very little text. It’s going to be seen from afar and you’re going to do all the talking. On the other hand, a pitch presentation that you’re planning to email should be completely self explanatory. It’s going to be seen on a laptop monitor, so small font is not so bad.
If you believe you have a strong business idea, we as mazars oman can help to develop for you an investment pitch deck. For more details, please visit us at , or contact us at and we look forward to being of service.
Strategy is a section of your business that outlines your overall game plan for how you find and attract clients or customers to your business.
A good marketing strategy incorporates what you know about how your business fits into the market and the five ps of marketing: product, price, place, promotion and people to develop techniques and tactics that would achieve your marketing objectives. The marketing strategy is one of the first requirements in any business initiative.
Effective marketing requires understanding how your business fits into the market place, your competition, how your compete and what you need to achieve, for example, sales numbers to reach your financial goals, then you use what you’ve learned to create your marketing plan and start your business.
Marketing strategists can be fluid, changing as needed to improve your results. Once your business is operational you’ll need to assess and adjust your marketing strategy from time to time to account for changing market conditions, shifts in demand and other factors that impact your sales as a result of your market research activities and performance of your business.
We at mazars oman can help to develop for you a marketing strategy. For more details, please visit us at , or contact us at and we look forward to being of service.
Human resource strategy is designed to develop the skills, attitudes and behaviors among staff that allow the organization to meet its goals.
Human resource strategy consists of principles for managing the workforce through HR policies and practices. It covers the various areas of Human Resources functions such as recruitment, compensation, performance management, reward and recognition employee relations and training. HR strategy must be aligned with the organization’s vision, mission and goals.
In developing an HR strategy, the company must analyze the characteristics of this industry, determine its competitive advantage and identify key processes and key people. Creating different strategies for all groups of people in the organization may be necessary, depending on their skills knowledge and responsibilities.
The strategy must look at the organization’s culture, structure people and systems. HR strategy affects what employees feel and do. It manifests in work productivity outcomes such as customer satisfaction, product quality, less frequent errors and accidents, reduced downtime and employee retention.
These outcomes in turn affect organizations finances. Poor customer service for example can reduce sales. An effective HR strategy benefits the organization’s bottom line. It improves employee motivation and satisfaction. Employees also benefit by realizing their full potential and developing their own careers.
We at Mazars Oman can help you to develop a human resources strategy. For more details, please visit us at , or contact us at and we look forward to being of service.
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