Your Career Path

An Introduction to developing your business portfolio

You can decide how and where you want to be, at which career level or position; you can decide to have your own business; you can reach where you want to reach! All you need is an ambitious, effective and realistic strategy for your life, and the determination to execute your plans!

This book serves the purpose of providing you with the methodology and practical styles you need to plan your career path professionally and realistically.

In the first part of this book, we will discuss the meaning of “Career Planning” and its importance, then we will proceed to explain the “Career Development Model” that highlights the ideal path for the career development process, which starts from the individual entering the commercial world and finishes with reaching the peak of the career pyramid. Furthermore, we will discuss the importance of “Identification of the Career Goal”. When do we identify it? How do we identify it and the elements and considerations that affect it? Finally, we move to a simplified and practical explanation of the six steps that constitute the “Methodology of Career Planning” through which you can draw the path and details of your life towards achieving your desired career goal.

In the second part, we will tackle some general examples of situations that could apply to you, and we will discuss how to apply the methodology of career planning to them, aiming at practically training how to plan your career path.

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